Security is the #1 concern for all Server administrators.

With the increasing number of port scans, hackers are on a continuous lookout for vulnerable targets. For someone not in the security business, it is also the most difficult to setup. We offer several levels of security and monitoring services depending upon your need. These options are for the server administrators who are comfortable with updating and installing software, but would rather leave the security to the experts. Our administrative staff has over 5-10 years of security management experience and they are constantly exposed to security breaches. As a matter of fact; many new customers call us for help after they have had problems due to weak security settings on their servers. We do not want you to be one of them. Our objective is to prevent security breach from happening. We have developed an extensive and thoroughly tested firewall rule set using the latest technology and techniques. Fortifying your servers before they are put in production is the best approach.

We offer several levels of security services. These packages are 'Security Hardening and Monitoring' and 'Security Hardening with Service Level Monitoring' as well as a one time 'Server Setup' service.

24/7 Security Monitoring

We monitor your server 24/7 to ensure that your server is secure and working properly. All outages are handled immediately so that their business impact can be minimized.

Log Monitoring for Unusual Activity

Your logs are a vital part of telling how your server is performing. We routinely patrol event and application logs and take corrective actions if there are warnings or errors.

Manipulation of Firewall Rules Based on Log Activity

Having logs of the attackers is not a lot of help if prompt action is not taken to crack down on the hackers trying to get into your server. Therefore, our staff monitors your server and constantly adjusts your firewall to keep out intruders.

Security Updates as Released by OS and/or Control Panel

We test upgrades thoroughly as soon as your OS/Control panel vendor releases them, and as soon as we are satisfied they are stable for production use, we apply them to your server.

Consultation with a Security Expert on Matters Requiring Customer Action

We have staff available for consultation if you have any security concerns or questions. We'll notify you Immediately if there is something happening on your server, advise you what action we have already taken, and allow you to discuss your options with our security professionals.


Please note:

Setup fee and first months service due upon signing.

Monthly fee will be due on the anniversary date of your signup and is no prorated to the beginning of each month.

Server Security

Per Month
$125 Setup Fee

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