We welcome you to SiteShack, Inc, a company dedicated to helping our customers grow their businesses by providing the very best in server security, expert service and superior support.

Our mission is to be the leading provider of Datacenter Management Services. By offering the best choice of services, software tools and world-class support - backed by our state-of-the-art facilities and unmatches network connectivity - SiteShack, Inc is dedicated into helping you turn your information technology into a powerful competitive advantage that enables you to successfully grow your businesses.

Servies from SiteShack, Inc means more consistent levels of service, broader product portfolios and a more professionally managed server and a stable support provider. SiteShack, Inc enables small to medium sized businesses to leverage their hosting support for their competitive advantage, and freeing them to concentrate on their core competencies and building their business success.


Our Skills

Server Management

Server Security

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Our Company Owners

Jay Ireland

Jay Ireland

CEO / The Boss

SiteShack, Inc's founder and CEO, has over 20 years in the Information Technology Sector. Jay's prior employments as a PC/Network Specialist in 1992 over the years landed him an IT Director position for a local hospital, for which he held onto for almost 2 years before leaving to dedicate himself full time into running SiteShack, Inc. which is his hobby he loves doing.

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